DDoS Protection

Safeguard your server with our advanced DDoS protection, ensuring uninterrupted service and robust security.

Anti DDoS

Our upstream filters, powered by Global Secure Layer, proactively block large-scale DDoS attacks, preventing them from reaching your network. In addition, our hardware and software firewalls provide an extra layer of defense, mitigating any attacks that manage to bypass the upstream filters.

L7 Protections

Our custom L7 firewall, powered by XDP technology and Global Secure Layer, blocks malicious traffic targeting your applications. Additionally, hardware-level firewalls provide a final layer of protection, stopping attacks before they reach your server.

Custom L7 Anti DDoS Filters

Enhance your server's security with our custom Anti-DDoS filters, designed to defend against targeted attacks. Our tailored solutions offer advanced protection, ensuring your service remains uninterrupted and secure. By analyzing traffic patterns, we create specialized filters that effectively mitigate threats, providing you with robust and reliable defense.

Mitigation Profiles

The supported list of mitigation profiles

Minecraft Twelve Sky 2 Ragnarok
MTASA Rust Others (Create a ticket)

All our plans includes protections!

All our plans come with built-in protections to keep your server secure and reliable.

Quick Response

Experience rapid defense against DDoS attacks with our quick response Anti-DDoS solutions, ensuring your server stays secure and online.

Customized Anti DDoS

Get tailored Anti-DDoS protection designed specifically for your needs. Request custom solutions to defend against targeted threats effectively.

Always On-Protection

Benefit from continuous protection with our Always-On Anti-DDoS solutions, ensuring your server remains secure and operational at all times.

Our Network

Curt Creation offers a low latency worldwide network powered by Global Secure Layer Network Backbone.