Discord Bot

A multi-functional bot that can stream alerts, create gifs, trivia, slots, imgur, moderation and custom commands. The bot was purely powered by Red and some custom plugins made by Curt.

Permissions Required

  • Manage roles - clients can join a role by using a command. (Can be configured, Optional permission)
  • Kick Members - admin can kick a member by using a command. (Optional permission)
  • Create Instant Invite - Optional permission. (Optional permission)
  • Change Nickname - Change nickname of a client by using a command. (Optional permission)
  • View Audit Log - Coming Soon. (you can disable this)
  • Send Messages - General Permission. (Required)
  • Manage Messages - For cleanup command or moderation rights using a command or anti censorship plugin. (Required)
  • Attach Files - Leveler plugin (Required)
  • Mention Everyone - General Permission. (Optional permission)
  • Connect - General Permission. (Required)
  • Mute Members - Moderation Permission. (Required)
  • Move Members - Moderation Permission. (Required)
  • Use External Emojis - General Permission. (Optional permission)
  • Manage Channels - Create temp. channels. (Can be configured, Optional permission)
  • Ban Members - Moderation Permission. (Required)
  • Manage Nicknames - Change nickname of a client by using a command. (Optional permission)
  • Manage Emojis - General Permission. (Optional permission)
  • Read Messages - General Permission. (Required)
  • Send TTS Messages - General Permission. (Optional permission)
  • Embed Links - General Permission. (Required)
  • Read Messages History - General Permission. (Required)
  • Add Reactions - For smart reactions plugin. (Required)
  • Speak - General Permission. (Required)
  • Deafen Members - Moderation Permission. (Required)
  • Use Voice Activity - General Permission. (Required)

  • Commands

  • Alias
      alias - Manages per-server aliases for command
  • Music Bot
      settings - shows the bots settings
      lyrics [song] - shows the lyrics of the song
      nowplaying - shows the song that is currently playing
      np - shows the song that is currently playing
      play [title|URL|subcommand] - plays the provided song
      playlists - shows the available playlists
      queue [page num] - shows the current queue
      remove [position|ALL] - removes a song from the queue
      search [query] - searches Youtube for a provided query
      scsearch [query] - searches Soundcloud for a provided query
      shuffle - shuffles songs you have added
      forceskip - votes to skip the current song
      skip - skips the current song
      pause - pauses the current song
      repeat [on|off] - re-adds music to the queue when finished
      skipto [position] - skips to the specified song
      stop - skips to the specified song
      volume [0-150] - sets or shows volume
      setdj [rolename|NONE] - sets the DJ role for certain music commands
      settc [channel|NONE] - sets the text channel for music commands
      setvc [channel|NONE] - sets the voice channel for playing music
  • Account
      account - Your/Others Account
      signup - Sign up to get your own account today!
      update - Update your TPC
  • Activity Logger
      logfetch - Fetches logs from channel or server.
      logset - Change activity logging settings
  • Anti Mention Spam
      antimentionspam - configuration settings for anti mention spam
  • Auto Economy
      autoeconomy - Configuration options for auto-registering Economy accounts.
  • Community, Integrity, Transparency (cit2.net)
      cit country - View all online players from that country.
      cit group - View all online players from that group.
      cit squad - View all online players from that squad.
      cit player - View player's info.
  • Command Search
      commandsearch - Search commands
  • Color Me
      colorme - Change the color of your name via custom roles
  • Custom Commands
      customcom - Custom commands management
  • Discomegle
      discomegle - Chat with other discord people anonymously!
  • Economy
      bank - Bank operations
      economyset - Changes economy module settings
      leaderboard - Server / global leaderboard
      payday - Get some free credits
      payouts - Shows slot machine payouts
      slot - Play the slot machine
  • EmbedMaker
      embed - embed tools
      embedset - configuration settings
  • General
      8 - Ask 8 ball a question
      choose - Chooses between multiple choices
      flip - Flips a coin... or a user.
      lmgtfy - Creates a lmgtfy link
      poll - Starts/stops a poll
      roll - Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice)
      rps - Play rock paper scissors
      serverinfo - Shows server's informations
      stopwatch - Starts/stops stopwatch
      urban - Urban Dictionary search
      userinfo - Shows users's informations
  • Image
      gif - Retrieves first search result from giphy
      gifr - Retrieves a random gif from a giphy search
      imgur - Retrieves pictures from imgur
  • Leveler
      backgrounds - Gives a list of backgrounds.
      badge - Badge Configuration Options
      lvladmin - Admin Toggle Features
      lvlinfo - Gives more specific details about user profile image
      lvlset - Profile Configuration Options
      profile - Displays a user profile
      rank - Displays the rank of a user
      rep - Gives a reputation point to a designated player.
      role - Admin Background Configuration
      top - Displays leaderboard.
  • Message Box
      contact - send a message to the bot owner
  • Moderation
      ban - Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages
      cleanup - Deletes messages
      editrole - Edits roles settings
      filter - Adds/removes words from filter
      hackban - Preemptively bans user from the server
      ignore - Adds servers/channels to ignorelist
      kick - Kicks user
      mute - Mutes user in the channel/server
      names - Show previous names/nicknames of a user
      reason - Lets you specify a reason for mod-log's cases
      rename - Changes user's nickname
      softban - Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages
      unignore - Removes servers/channels from ignorelist
      unmute - Unmutes user in the channel/server
  • Nickometer
      nickometer - Tells you how lame a person with this name is, 100% accurate.
  • Punish
      cpunish - Same as punish but cleans up after itself and the target
      fixpunish - Unexpected no command description
      lspunish - Shows a table of punished users with time, mod and reason
      punish - Puts a user into timeout for a specified time period
      unpunish - Removes punishment from a user.
      warn - Warns a user with boilerplate about the rules
  • ReCensor
      recensor - Configure regular expression censorship
  • ReactPoll
      rpoll - Starts/stops a reaction poll
  • Streams
      hitbox - Checks if hitbox stream is online
      mixer - Checks if mixer stream is online
      picarto - Checks if picarto stream is online
      streamalert - Adds/removes stream alerts from the current channel
      streamset - Stream settings
      twitch - Checks if twitch stream is online
  • TempChannels
      tempchannels - Make temporary channels
      tempchannelset - Configuration settings for tempchannels
  • Trivia
      trivia - Start a trivia session with the specified list
      triviaset - Change trivia settings
  • Welcome
      welcome - Manage the welcoming message
  • Welcome Count
      wcount - Change settings for WelcomeCount
  • Who Plays
      cgames - Shows the currently most played games
      whoplays - Shows a list of all the people playing a game

  • Add a bot to a server