Unleashing the Hosting Power and Game Anti DDoS with Curt Creation

Get on a seamless online journey with us as your trusted partner in game hosting. When you choose Curt Creation, you're not just getting a server, fortified with Game Anti DDoS. Our robust services is designed to provide a powerful and protected environment for all your gaming needs, ensuring that your search for the hosting solution truly ends here.

Still on the fence? We invite you to experience our exceptional service firsthand with a complimentary 3-day server trial. Discover the Curt Creation difference for yourself!

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What We Provide

24×7 Support

Our expert support team is at your service 24/7, ready to assist with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. Your satisfaction is our priority.

DDoS Protection

Rest assured, our services are fortified with state-of-the-art Global Secure Layer DDoS protection and L7 Game Curt Creation, providing an impressive shield of up to 20Tbps+ across L3, L4, and L7 levels. Experience unmatched security and peace of mind with us.

1Gbps / 10Gbps Uplink

Experience blazing-fast connectivity with our premium network, offering a maximum uplink of 1Gbps or 10Gbps. Step into the future of lightning-fast network speeds with us.

Dedicated Resources

Our commitment to dedicated resources ensures that we steer clear of overselling, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities.

Low Latency

We deliver servers with minimal latency, leveraging the robust network of Global Secure Layer's global point of presence (PoP) centers to bring you unparalleled performance and connectivity.

What We Provide

Game Hosting

Discover the ease of managing your game servers with our hassle-free hosting service. Our intuitive game panel empowers you to set up and manage your servers effortlessly, all while benefiting from lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled uptime.

Virtual Private Servers & Virtual Dedicated Servers

Our hosting service stands as the quintessential choice for businesses and individuals seeking unmatched performance and reliability. Leveraging advanced technology and backed by expert support, we offer you the peace of mind that your data remains safe and secure at all times.

Always on Anti DDoS

We are steadfast in safeguarding your digital assets from a wide array of attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service and peace of mind. Our robust defense mechanisms protect against the following attacks:

Network Attacks:
- TCP Flood (ACK, PSH, SYN, etc.)
- UDP Flood & Fragmentation
- ICMP Flood (Ping of Death, etc.)
- Reflective & Amplification Attacks (NTP, SSDP, DNS Amplification, etc.)

Resource Exhaustion:
- Malformed Packets
- IP Fragmentation
- Invalid TCP Segment IDs
- Bad Checksums
- Illegal TCP/UDP Flags & Ports
- Reserved IP Address

Gaming Attacks:
- A2S Attacks (Source Flood, GETSUM)
- FiveM Exhaustion
- RTFM Request

Our L7 Firewall remains vigilant at all times, safeguarding your game and web platforms against potential threats. We offer specialized protection for a variety of games including FiveM, RedM, RAN Online, Ragnarok, Twelve Sky 2, Minecraft, SA-MP, Rust, and other Source Games.

We leverage cutting-edge XDP technologies, with Global Secure Layer to provide inline and always-active anti-DDoS solutions. Experience seamless connectivity with our 20Tbps network infrastructure, globally powered by GSL.

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